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Hey there! Crazy girl here, I have been fangirling about im5 since disney dudez 1 and I’ve read so many cute things about all the 5ers! IM5  has such an amazing fandom! You’re all so cute so if you feel like talking or fangirling or so-whatever my fb is www.facebook.com/delfii.orsi or Delfi Pendery or my ask on tumblr :3 best wishes to all of you !

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Anonymous: hey:) so first of all you're really rad i love all these bands, good taste:3 and then there's this old post of yours (/post/58380460969) and i was wondering if you could give me a link to the video it is from? thanks in advance:)

I’m with my mobile phone since my computer broke so I don’t have the link near :( so sorry and thanks for the rad and the good taste :) xoxo! take care and sorry for not helping :( 

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Anonymous: The gifs are yours? Do you use any program?

I used to make gifs but my computer broke! I used photoshop, gifcam or some gifs pages but most of them usually are not mine but for the record I find them in sites that are not tumblr and I don’t mean to steal nobody’s work that’s why I keep the watermark of the gifs that are not mine! :) xoxo

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